Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Great Ocean Road

We are back on the mainland, heading west on the Great Ocean Road. Its Easter holidays and the roads and shops and parks are all busy, the boys are loving having lots of other children around.

start of the Great Ocean Road
We pulled in at Bimbi Park for a week of camping under the koalas. Whilst we were there, the boys had a turn horse riding around the campground - which, as you can see, they LOVED xx

giddy up little-doggy

Lucky-lukie rides into town

We had a koala visit the caravan to check out Nige's handiwork on the solar panels - there were heaps of koalas here - see piccies...

checkin out Nige's work on the solar panels

just relaxin

hanging out with the koala

While Joel P was taking out the Rip Curl Pro at Bells in six foot perfection, 100kms down the coast at Johanna, we were wave watching 12-16 foot sets roll in...

Johanna Beach

The boys (and zeke) were suitably impressed

After Easter, we continued along the Great Ocean Road, doing a quick head count of the Twelve Apostles.

some of the Twelve Apostles

nice family shot - all looking at the camera


  1. Hey! Somewhere along the way did you swap Rossco for a homeless guy?

  2. I think that homeless guy is Jack Nicholson...

  3. Ha Ha you guys are funny - sorry Ross I was a thinking the same same........ you look very relaxed, happy, hippy and very jack nicholson!!