Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fremantle - WA

Oh yehhhhhh.... Freo is living up to ones expectations...

We've been loving finding yarn bombs around the place, for the crafty mammas and pappas, check out this book

yarn bomb tree - fremantle, WA

yarn bombed no parking sign

yarn bombed street sign
arond the next corner we found this plaque..

Then we found some wet concrete.... so we just had to leave some handprints in freo
Splashed out for dinner at Monks Brewery - Freo

Boys are getting a ginger beer - they are stoked

We've visited two of the three steiner schools to have a look around and restock on some homeschool supplies. The boys had a great play at the West Coast Steiner school as we arrived right on 3 o'clock so they got to have a play with the other children. Mumma found out about a felt workshop whilst she was there so I went along to that on Saturday morning and made a felted broach - mix of fleece felted onto chiffon and silk - lovely xxx

West Coast Steiner School - Perth

West Coast Steiner School

Perth Waldorf Steiner School - check out the climbing tower here!!
Mum lucky duck has picked up some work with Sysdoc for a couple of weeks in Perth, so we've moved out to the Perth hills and vineyard area. I'm working quite long days and Rossco is doing a great job at being stay-at-home Dad.

We had a visit from Zed on his way to Kalgoolie

Sunset in the Perth vineyards

Rainbow over the caravan park

Mumma lucky duck had her birthday and got spoilt rotten with some colourful clothes and beautiful hand-made treats from the boys. Here is a picture of the chocolate ball cake the boys made..... the cake that doesn't need baking in an oven (Jess this is your recipe!)

Smiley face cake

Can't take his eyes off the cake - and it was delicious

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Diamond Tree - 52m vertical climb for the Lucky Ducks

We pulled off the highway to check out the Diamond Tree. Steel pegs were stuck into the sides of huge Karri trees to use as viewing towers, straight up to 52 metres high.

its a long way up there....

Ross came up with a harness belt, rope and bowline knots and we went up in pairs...Everyone did really well, its pretty high up there and there is nothing between the peg you are standing on and the ground, way way down... Here are some pics of the climbers xxx

Team number one...Dadda and Leo...

team one heading up...

team one.... way up high

team one... on way back down
team one, keep concentrating til the end little man

super stoked with himself

Team number two was now itching to do the challenge...

team number two preparing to leave... very stylish jeans tucked into socks mumma

team number two mid climb

Team number three wanted to give it a go... not yet for this little guy!

The boys did so well, took it very seriously and really concentrated on the climb, it wasn't for the faint-hearted.

Whilst on a bit of a high... we jumped back into the truck and headed off to Dinosaur World . There we saw some life-sized dinosaur moulds and also a whole heap of birds and reptiles... and we got to hold a few...
Bearded Dragons having a munch on some cockroaches

Loving the bird

it's a crazy bird

kissing the Bearded Dragon

Look what I'm taking home!!!

Rossco the snake handler

We stopped at Martin's Tank Campground - Lake Clifton for the night and caught up with some friends who we have met along the way on the trip. They had been to Margaret River, so we were enjoying their Margaret River red wine and yummy cheeses...

Catchin up on our travels... over a wine, cheese and dinner

The Five Lucky Ducks Mid-Winter Festival in Shannon NP

We headed inland a bit to Shannon National Park, home to some huge Karri trees. The campground had a water boiler, so we stoked the boiler and all had hot showers - was so lovely and hot.

Preparing the fire for our hot showers - yehhhhh
  We decided to get a fire going for the mid winter festival, so the boys collected the wood

Everyone helping out around camp

hanging out around camp

Getting the fire going

Rossco cooked home-made pizzas in the camp oven...

Chorizo, mushroom and three cheese pizza
We had such a lovely mid winter festival, we had made paper lanterns and walked through the forest singing up a storm. As a special treat Ross lit a firework, only the firework was a bit better - longer and much louder than both of us had expected, lucky there was no one else around for miles - v exciting for the boys!!

getting excited about the Mid-Winter Festival - 2011

fires burning, fires burning, come nearer, come nearer, lets sing, lets sing, altogether, altogether ...

loving his lantern

getting the lanterns swinging...

mucking around

singing up a storn through the forest
check out this super-grubby boy, he's getting so cheeky xxx

Here are some of Rossco's shots from the National Park
mini toadstools

crazy fallen tree

eye in a tree