Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Coronation Beach, north of Geraldton, WA

We are back in the warmer weather... its so lovely to be back in shorts and t-shirts and hanging out in the sun....

Here are some pics from Coronation Beach, which is just north of Geraldton... Beautiful spot, great for west coast sunsets... We had some play sessions on the beach, fishing and science experiments in the sand (thanks to the Morris family for the new science kits xxx) ....

afternoon beverages

playing at the lookout

having some fun...

off to do a spot of beach fishing

the catch of the day... by one happy boy!... and it was delicious (whiting)

Science week on the homeschool front

Mr Devine... xxx

The Pinnacles, Cervantes, WA

Dad and the three boys were very pleased to back on their adventure around Australia and headed north out of Perth, stopping off at the Pinnacles.

No one quite knows how the Pinnacles were formed. Lucas and Leo thought they were great fun for hiding behind and Frankie decided that one or two could be improved a little and so he added his own touch.....

Adding some sand ....


What are these things anyway.....

Lets have a closer look around the base...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Perth - WA

It's been a while since you've had an update.... I've been working, based in Perth, hence the delayed travel diary.

We've had six long and wet weeks in Perth, we rented a couple of houses to get out of the rain... (it's been the wettest winter in Perth in years). Our first night in the cottage at Freo was such a luxury, kitchen, big couch, gas heater, washing up with running hot water, a toilet and bathroom.... we LOVED it! 

Ross also managed some homeschooling, regular visits to the local libraries and museums, family fun days, Naidoc Day, shadow-alphabet fun, home-made knitting needles.... We also had a from Mark T and a second visit from Zed (on his way to Kalgoolie), here are some pics to follow.....

... in the puddles

Some children at Naidoc Day 2011

More children at Naidoc Day 2011
Checking out the snakes at Naidoc Day 2011

Our children at Naidoc Day 2011

BBQ dinner and a visit from MT (the other half of Sarah)

a couple of wild tigers

Having a go at rock climbing

Learning to juggle

The Shadow Alphabet...'H'

Dadda's Birthday... loving the chocolate cloud cake

Sanding our knitting needles

Putting some lanolin on the knitting needles

Making the knitting needles perfect... and they knit well too - we are knitting our gnomes

Kangaroos in the front garden...
We are now back on the road.... with weekly updates now lucky followers xxxxx We miss you all by the way xxx