Sunday, June 26, 2011

Denmark - WA

We passed through Denmark which was a colourful and pretty cool town.... it is also home to the Golden Hill Steiner School.. Apparently the town was named after an explorer who had the surname of  'Denmark', so the river was called Denmark River and later the town was called Denmark (for Rikke).

We stayed at Parry's Beach campground, which was 20kms west of Denmark. Unfortunately it was pretty shocking wet weather whilst we were there, but we got out and had a look around in between the rain.
Parrys Beach

On the beach

Greens Pool - William Bay National Park

Greens Pool - William Bay NP

Elephant Rocks - William Bay NP
We all got very wet just after this photo was taken (below), trying to run through here when the waves weren't rolling in!
On the Beach past Elephant Rocks - William Bay NP
We also visited the local honey and beeswax candle store and toffee shop, delicious smells and tastes.

Esperance to Albany - South WA

After doing a bit of shopping in Esperance (new bike pedals, new tubs with lids, etc) we headed for Albany and stopped in at Masons Bay for a night. We so nearly got bogged, but Bilbo's low ratio gears certainly came in handy that day and dragged us clear of the soft sand...

our tire marks in the soft sand
The boys loved a moonlit ride along the beach.

having a late night ride
We hung out in Albany for a few days and did a bit of sightseeing - Dog Rock, Chasm, Natural Bridge, Blowhole, Salmon Pools, etc...

Dog Rock - Albany

Salmon Pools, Albany

Leo saw the sign (below) and he told us this sign means... "You could get:
  1. Pushed off the cliff by a spear
  2. Swept off the rocks by a wave, or
  3. Tickled by a octopus".
Leo's interpretation of this sign....

25m drop and chasm

loving it


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Five Lucky Ducks are in Cape Le Grand National Park, WA

Eventually.... we made it to WA, the wild wild west. We trucked along  further west and south towards Esperance and anchored down in the Cape Le Grand National Park - Lucky Bay, where we planned on a few car free days here.

our car reflection in the bushes

It is stunningly beautiful here, the finest white sand and crystal clear water, just what us lucky ducks were hoping for.

Stunning.... Lucky Bay, WA

Lucky Bay

Frog at Lucky Bay

A very happy boy xxx

Met the lovely Helen at the beach and she shared her home-made shortbread - and it was DELICIOUS xx

Boys playing on beach at Hellfire Bay

Playing in the sand

Playing on the rocks

Whilst in the Cape Le Grand National Park we climbed Frenchmans Peak, the boys did so well on this hike, practically hop, skipped and jumped up this peak and it was rated Hard..

Looking up at Frenchmans Peak

Boys playing on some rocks

View from Frenchmans Peak - cave

View from the top, back town to Lucky Bay

We caught up some fellow travelers, the Hughes' for a tea party or two... Eventually we ran out of food supplies, so had to get back in the car and move on....

Crossing the Nullabor....

The Nullabor (nullus "no" and abor, "tree") was pretty exciting, first to cross the Nullabor means we will be in WA and secondly, just west of the Head of the Great Australian Bite we spotted our first whales of the season.

1400kms in two days... It was massive!!

This part of the country has the longest straightest road in Australia, measuring in at 146.6kms of straight road with not a bend in it.

The Lucky Ducks approaching the start of the Nullabor

Lunch stop on the Nullabor

At the SA / WA border

We stumbled across part of the Nullabor Links Golf Course. This 18-hole golf course spans 1,365kms from Kalgoolie, WA to Ceduna,SA and you play a hole in each participating town along the way. Each town has a tee, a green and a fairway in rugged outback terrain.... this is for the golf lover followers xxx

Nullabor Links Golf Course
 The Eyre Highway also doubles in places as a landing strip (presumably for flying doctors, etc). It was all good and all us five lucky ducks were in the Nullabor-groove.

Cactus Beach, Point Sinclair, SA

Cactus Beach Campground, wow what a spot.  Ron (the owner) is on a little goldmine there, he has owned the land  along the coast since mid 80's and he has done a great job at building a laid-back campground whilst preserving the desert/coastal environment.

Rossco hit the surf and caught some great waves, the boys and I watched from above and loved it (.... OK... I didn't love it... I was preoccupied with nerves due to the well known fact that Great Whites also like to frequent the area!)

boys at cactus

checking out sunset at cactus - v cold

Rossco surfing at Cactus

boys are loving watching Dad catch waves

The Nullabor was calling, so we hit the road out of Cactus.... Bring on WA!!

Road out of Cactus

Streaky Bay - Perlubie Beach, SA

After a late departure from Elliston, we found Perlubie Beach, just north of Streaky Bay and stopped in here for one night and a sunset play on the beach....

playing on the beach

making up a gymnastics routine

our caravan is in left corner

scoping out the place

lovely sunset

another lovely sunset, another lovely day....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Elliston, (still on the Eyre Peninsula) SA

We stopped at Walker Rocks unexpectedly for a few nights due to some issues with the caravan wheel bearing (a new part was getting shipped in).... The nearest town is Elliston, so we went into the bakery, met some locals and ended up at Playgroup. Elliston has a population of approx. 377 people and in the five days we've been here, we've met half of them, its been such a nice town to break down in!!

investigating the problem
 So we caught up on the washing....

Looks like a month, but really its only a weeks worth
 Hung out on the beach whilst Rosso went for a surf (first time he's surfed with a seal)..

... and a beautiful rainbow!!

And settled into a rhythm for homeschool to mark the start of Winter.....

Learning some new letters and songs today

and toasted a few marshmellows on the fire

Coffin Bay - Eyre Peninsula, SA

We visited Coffin Bay National Park - lovely spot, as you can see from the pics below. Hung out with the Hughes family who we met back nearer to Adelaide.

We did a few bush walks, rolled down the sand dunes, slid down on boogie boards, had camp fires and lovely nights by the fire with our neighbours, Nick and Bec, few wines and some good laughs, especially over a cup of Lap-sap-soo-shong tea!!

Boys at Coffin Bay

Rossco's roast chook - camp oven style

Boys at Coffin Bay - little one asleep

Views of Coffin Bay

Boogie boarding sand dunes

mumma and dadda lucky ducks


rollin in the dunes

rollin in the dunes - part 2

Sunrise at Coffin Bay National Park

Sunrise at Coffin Bay National Park