Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yorke Peninsula - SA

Whilst three lucky ducks were visiting back home... the other lucky ducks had a bike riding and fishing trip on the Yorke Peninsula, SA.
sunrise on Yorke Pensinsula

Fishing for squid - caught none
fishing for mullet - caught none

Staying up late with Dad

That happy homeless guy... again

Whilst the boys didn't catch any fish, they did catch a couple of waves at Pondie's, managed an epic 22km bike ride and enjoyed their time at the Innes |National Park.

Adelaide - Sydney - Hunter Valley

Leo, Frankie and I popped back to Sydney for a hip check-up at Westmead, Anastasia's 40th birthday craft night and  then on to the Hunter Valley for my sister Meli's 40th. We had such a great visit, miss everyone so much xxx

Meli cutting her cake - The Cellar Door

This was the crew who worked long and hard to make Meli a gingerbread house and felted door stopper for her birthday

Joey enjoyed a vino with no children - first time in years!!

Frankie stocked up on cuddles from The Thompsons

On our way to the airport we stopped in at Max Brennar and had a baby cino with Leo Sayer!

Two Leo's workin it for the camera

Camping by the Murray Darling River - SA

The boys got some new hats... which they love!


We pulled into Mannum and camped beside the Murray Darling River - Australia's most significant and longest navigatible river. We spared a thought for all those that had camped here before us. We saw the Murray Princess float by (an old-fashioned paddle-wheeler hotel on water).

Murray Princess floating into the distance
 We crossed the Murray Darling and drove thru the Adelaide Hills - beautiful Autumn colours everywhere.

Five lucky ducks crossing the Murray Darling

Autumn colours in Adelaide Hills

South East - SA

We crossed the Victoria - SA border and camped at Lake George then went north into the Coorong National Park.

Coorong National Park - sunset

so much mud ....

Milipede Mountain

We saw wild emus, did a bushwalk and played in the sand dunes on the coast of the Southern Ocean. 

you go first !

Little brother says... ok I'll go first

He goes...

Looks ok... I'll go

Port Fairy, Victoria

Beautiful sunny days here at Port Fairy. There is a nice vibe here, good community, great coffee, little theatre, local markets, farmers markets, good library, good diving and surf.

Mumma lucky duck hit Koroit Presbyterian Church Friday night to listen to the opening gig for the Koroit Irish festival - first night out solo since we've been on the road - woohoo!

Sorry... No pics xx Heading west for South Australia.