Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Huon Valley - Southern Tasmania

We headed to New Norfolk for the Huon Valley Annual Autumn Festival, highlights were:
  • the fairy playing the harp
  • the drummers
  • punch and judy puppet show
  • beetle family acrobatics

this fairy could sing so beautifully

drumming is always a hit with the boys - they are in front row

The Acrobatic Beetle Family

We had a few days to check out the local area, orchards (mostly apples), farms and cafes. We camped by the Huon River and the boys tried their luck at fishing (no joy for boys today)...

Fishing by the campsite

Dinner by the river

Shearer boys at the park


  1. Why are you all in T-shirts? Is it a balmy Autumn in Tassie???? (Or are you just tough!) Love seeing your holiday pics - it looks like so much fun, thanks for sharing it with us. X's

  2. just a rare sunny afternoon... its been very cold here xx