Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lake Argyle.... Diamond country

Beautiful, relaxing, stunning scenery at Lake Argyle (also home to the Lake Argyle Diamond mine)... Hard to believe you are in the East Kimberleys, looks a bit like NZ.... Here's where we are in WA... top right corner...

Lake Argyle - WA

Dam overflow area - Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle was a stopover that coincided with Rugby World Cup finals (hence we called ahead to ask if they were playing the game.... just to be safe). We stayed at Lake Argyle Caravan Park where there is power and a TV and everyone in Lake Argyle knew who was supporting the All Blacks !! By day, we spent alot of time in their infinity swimming pool - the boys have mastered freestyle...

Lake Argyle's infinity pool

Swimming lessons.... freestylin!!

We got into some great homeschooling activities... Watercolour painting, seed and boab fruit collecting and dot painting - inspired by the local indigenous artists....

Boab nut collecting

painting boab nuts in the Shearer camp

He tries everything the big boys do now...

Masterpiece... dot painting some seed pods

Sadly.... it's time to leave WA.... Its been sooooooo good travelling this amazing state of Australia, bit sad to leave really, but time to move on...


  1. Hi guys. Sounds like youre all having a fabulous time. The helicopter flight looks amazing and what a wonderful experience to meet the kids from the purnululu school. Where on earth is the water hole? It was dry as a bone when we were there! How are the boys coping with the hotter weather. We had our first day of rain since qld Currently in Kalbarri and have had a fab drive down the coast - wanted to stay longer everywhere we went to! Unfortunately, we're heading for cold and windy weather down south so we've been told. Say hi to the boys and hope frankie hasnt had any more scary asthma bouts. x karen, paul and kids

  2. Hi Mumfords... The water at Purnululu was in a restricted access area... We were just as surprised to see it... Boys are good, all healthy here, we've been covering some huge miles of late.. Loved the Red Centre x