Sunday, November 13, 2011

Longreach - Barcaldine - Jericho, QLD

We are really enjoying the little outback towns of Queensland, the people are friendly and its quiet and peaceful... There are not many travellers on the road at this time of year, so we are often the only one or one-of-two at any campground...

From Winton, heading south-east, we stopped in Longreach for a few hours, to get out of the car in the hottest part of the day. We visited the library and swam at the local pool.

waiting for the buckets of water to drop on Dadda

We passed Barcaldine's Tree of Knowledge, a 200 year old ghost gum, regarded as the birthplace of the Australian Labour Party (ALP).

Looking up at the Tree of Knowledge - Barcaldine

.... and stopped in Jericho community park, camping by donation by Jordan Creek. The creek is good for swimming, there's a swinging rope and a big rubber tyre on the riverbank to play with. We had a fire in the evening, toasted some marshmellows.... one of those beautiful understated spots, love it.

At the time we passed through Jericho there were only sixteen children living in this town...

Locals leave a floating ring by the creek to play with

our camp by Jordan Creek

Rope swining boy number 1

Rope swinging boy number 2

swimming across the creek

balancing on the rubber ring

bedtime for the happy campers :-)

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