Friday, December 30, 2011

Seventeen Seventy (1770), QLD

Yehhhhh, we hit the East Coast... So nice to swim in the sea again. We parked up at 1770 for two weeks, it is beautiful, right on the water. We've managed to find the local op shop, fruit farm (where you can pick your own strawberries), beautiful sunsets, few waves at Agnes Waters, diving at the point for some dinner.

1770 Sunset

Busy bee on the beach

1 kgs of strawberries in half an hour at the strawberry farm

Playing in the mangroves, 1770

catch of the day

sleep out in the swag

Crafting madness here, we've gone origami mad, we've made a big piece of rainbow felt and we are stitching our Christmas Advent calendar, a little bit each day. Music madness too.... Ross' guitar playing is coming along nicely.

Season table in the caravan

number gnomes - Class 1 project

felted a rainbow advent calendar with our neighbour, Michelle, in the caravan park

Stitching and cutting the pockets

Advent Calendar..... ready

Origami box lesson with Saatchi

Tiny crane by Saatchi - our neighbour in the caravan park

the start of our crane-making-madness - have done a hundred since this piccie was taken xx

Our favourite locals in the area were a couple of girls riding horses around Agnes Waters. They had stopped in at the Agnes Waters Beach cafe, and then proceeded to jump back on their horses, with takeaway coffees...

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