Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bay of Fires - Tasmania

We landed in Tasmania, first thing in the morning and were at the Marakoopa Caves, Mole Creek for the 10am guided tour of caves and glow worms, the boys loved it and the guide was great with the boys too.

Next we headed towards the Bay of Fires which is the North East coastline and it is stunningly beautiful, the beaches are beautiful, mostly empty and the camping is free. The nearest town is St Helens so we stocked up on gas, fuel, food and drinks and headed for the coast. We found a perfect spot at Cosy Corner (North), where we bunkered down for a week of go-slow mode.... check out the colour of the water.

Cosy Corner (North)

exploring the beach - in our warm clothes!!

Roast spuds on the campoven - perfect

yep.... the boys are up on those rocks

We visited the Eddystone lighthouse, beautiful.
Eddystone lighthouse

Whilst we were there Lucas got bitten by a scorpion... he's fine.

Ross went diving and caught a big crayfish (aka lobster - very large). We managed to find someone in the campground with a pot big enough to cook it in and it was too much for Ross to even eat.

Rosso's catch of the day

not so sure about Dad's catch

The boys spent their week milling around the campsite, swimming (it is too cold for me), snorkelling, playing cricket, soccor, homeschool, chatting to the grey nomads (for anyone who doesn't know these are the grandparents who spend their retirement travelling the country), playing in the sand/dirt, climbing all sorts of rocks and boulders and a lot of bicycle riding....

getting grubby around camp

Boys getting ready for a snorkel

cheeky monkeys

lounging on the boulders

climbing the boulders
... and for those of you who are missing our little man.... he is growing up so fast and chatting away (ball, car, cow, koo-weeeee, bird...)

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  1. Ross Ross Ross - very impressed! and here I was thinking you only got crays like that in NZ - it looked absolut delish - made my mouth water. We are getting extremely itchy feet in this house looking at all these photos, ha ha Frankie is even looking more grown up - a wise wee man...... love to all x