Monday, March 28, 2011

The Birthday Boy turns 5

Our little man turned five!!! We woke up in the morning for presents in bed, followed by a trip to the post office to pick up a bunch of birthday parcels - thanks so much for sending parcels, that was such a great surprise for Leo (and everyone else who was in the post office at that time).

Mumma with her big five year old boy!

The party was fun, we had met a great family with five children (the Hortons) so mixed with our three, we had a lot of laughs... We set up the campers kitchen with colorful cloth and bird balloons, did a treasure hunt for gold choccie coins, apple bobbing, played musical statues, Simon says and rosso's crazy act-like-an-animal game...

The gold coin treasure hunt

Apple bobbing

Then we had some food and a submarine cake with smartie windows and a marshmallow periscope (as requested by the birthday boy).

The submarine birthday cake - little brother is having a piece of this cake too!

The party then all headed off for an afternoon walk around the coast of Bicheno - rock hopping and skimming shoes in puddles, then it was back to camp for a carbonara dinner.

birthday gang

playing on the wharf

At 8pm we drove back to the headland to see penguins, then  back to camp for some sparkler-action and collapse into bed at about 9pm.  What a party day. Our big five year old boy went to bed super-stoked!!


  1. Woo Hoo go Leo - sounds like you had a fantastic birthday - and as for the birthday cake - sounds as though you have an amazing magical mother who can create things in any circumstances! You lucky boy. Look forward to seeing the photos x

  2. Hi,
    I hope you get my comment this time, as I was having problems getting through. I am following your trip and find it fascinating what you are doing. Wished I was there with you. Thank god the caravan is doing what it suppose to, give you a home in the wilderness. Although I had the hope of doing what you are doing, I do not think I would ever have gone. Now with my balance problem it is no longer possible. Well keep up the good work and at least we all get a taste of your adventures. This blog is fantastic and I am enjoying it very much. I am very happy for you lucky ducks to have this wonderful experience. Cheers good luck happy travels. Paul Mary Lara and Adriaan
    P.S. Hope you solved the hot water problem!

  3. p.s. Credits are to Ross for the birthday cake creation! xx