Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tathra - Eden, Saphire Coast, NSW

Picture this.... We're driving to the Saphire Coast, and we come across a side road to the coast with a sign that read "Not Suitable for Caravans"... After much debate about what "Not Suitable" really means (!!!).... Ross drove along for quite a while and luckily for all of us, there was a turn around point at the end of the road. The Ranger had a bemused look on his face to see an 18 foot caravan at the end of the dirt road - don't worry Mum, Ross won't be doing that again!! Anyway, we stopped there for a stroll on the beach (had the beach to ourselves), did some home school and a bit of yoga and finished off with morning tea.

Next we headed for Mumbulla Falls, which is just out of South Bega, NSW. We took a short walk from the carpark and dropped down into the valley, there is a beautiful rock pool and waterfall which has formed a rock-slide down the fall. So beautiful. After a big swim, jumps off a boulder and some diving, we spotted three eels and a turtle. The waterhole is so deep, Ross put on the mask and snorkel and had a good look around, came up with a lovely silver bracelet - lucky me xxx

Mumbulla Falls

Mr Dare Devil and his mini-me are flying thru the air in this shot!!

Mumbulla Falls

.... gorgeous boy misses his cuddles from everyone xxx

On the way home we stopped in at Moon Bay for an afternoon dip and play on the beach (again... we were the only ones on the beach), then home for some fish and chips - what a day!!

Getting our feet wet at Moon Bay

We left Tathra for Eden, NSW and stopped into a Telstra Dealer and finally, we got online - woohooo. Whilst in Eden, we visited the Whaling Museum (home school excursion), which the boys absolutely loved and we found ourselves a lovely waterfront campsite for the evening - picture below is the view from the caravan.

Collecting treasures on the beach, this also doubles as a firewood collecting bag

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  1. Awesome daredevil work!!!!!

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