Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crossed the VIC border - Cape Conran

Next stop was going to be Malacoota, but it was just too busy for us, so we headed out to Cape Conran, part of Victoria's Gippsland Coast, another gem of a spot. We went bushwalking along East Cape (found gnome homes along the way), swimming, boogie boarding, hanging out on the beach. There are lots of birds, goannas, wombats and apparently even the Fiorland Penguins at times, good-sized bush camp sites, bore water, cold showers, flushing loos. Its very basic, but camp is stones throw from the beach and rugged coastline.

We did lots of adventuring....

going exploring

wooohoooo we found a wombat hole
a regular sight around bush camp

East Cape nature walk

our first meal with new camp oven... was yum

magic light coming thru the trees

We took a day trip into Marlo and to our surprise there was a paddle boat ride (The Curlip) going up Snowy River, so we hopped on that. The boys took turns in steering the boat up the river and pulling on the steam boat whistle.


everyone had a go at steering!!!

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  1. WOW - These pictures seem so far removed its like your in another country! You all look fantastic, healthy & happy, and yes we are missing our cuddles to..... look forward to the next update....