Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wilson's Promontory - Victoria

Wow 'The Prom' is stunningly beautiful! Camping at Tidal River is where the road ends, there is a feast of bush camping and hiking tracks, mostly accessible only by foot.

Norman Bay

Kayakers at The Prom

This is the camp ground at Tidal River

We only managed to cover a smidge of what was on offer here on our three-day stay, but we did do:
  • Lilly Pilly Gully Nature Walk (bout 5kms return)
  • Squeaky Beach - this beach is renowned for its 'singing sands' and has huge boulders on the beach which was great for exploring and climbing up and crawling between, even for us big kids.
  • Point Pillar
  • Tidal Lookout

boulders on squeaky beach

Walkin the walk....

Tidal Lookout

We saw heaps of parrots, kangaroos and wombats around camp. We were a bit rushed to leave but its a long weekend in Victoria, but we didn't book in advance and all sites where pre-booked so we had to move on.

Wombats about 30 cms away on the track

But before we left... we did some art...
Yanko living in his tree house at the Prom

what we collected on the way


  1. Fab artwork boys - very impressive - love the pic of the bolders on the beach - looks a lot like NZ in some of the photos.

  2. Howdy travelers - How lovely is The Prom?... like a little bit of tassie on the main land! (Its where I saw my first wombat poo: square!!!) Your travels so far looks just like "Are we there yet?" Missing you back here! X's