Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bicheno to Port Arthur - South East Tasmania

From Bicheno we headed south to Freycinet National Park. It was a wild and blustery day so we only stopped for a quick walk up to the Wineglass Bay lookout. 

it was so freezing, we are walking with a blanket here..

We kept on driving south (via Hobart to have a sneak peak at Salamanca Markets - favourite item of the day was a crocheted dress - watch this space!!)...

Salamanca Markets

Then on  to Port Arthur to visit the Port Arthur historic site - a world heritage place. We walked through the remains of the penal settlement, including the prison, church, and surrounding cottages which was originally established for rehabilitation of the convicts of the colony of Van Diemen's Land. 

Port Arthur Historic Site

the convicts
 Whilst there we saw a performance called "Strange Fruits" which was a musical aerial act where performers are perched atop five-metre poles, swaying among and playing bells and drums (part of the ten days on the island festival).

Strange fruits -

We found a cafe along the way at Nubeena called "Lucky Ducks Cafe" so we stopped in there to meet these  guys who were lovely and sent us on our way with a loaf of freshly baked bread.

fiveluckyducks at the Lucky Ducks Cafe

We stopped in at the Sorrell Fruit Farm and the fruit was delicious... Real yummy strawberries, apples and we tried our hand at some corn too. Left there with plenty of food, heading towards Bruny Island.

strawberry fields in background

we were singing as we did this.... shake, shake the apple tree....

proud of our goodies - yum

Check out the next generation of BMX Bandits, these pics were taken at the caravan park, the boys are loving the adventures xx

BMX Bandit # 1

BMX Bandit # 2


  1. Ross must know his travel guide inside out to find all these nice places and at the right time! We are Enjoying it very much thanks Paul

  2. Love the cafe - fancy finding one with your name on it!We used to go apple & berry picking at Otaki when we were kids - Mum used to line the 6 of us up & off we went - I swear we ate more than we collected - What happened to BMX Bandit #3? wouldn't surprire me to see Frankie coming down the hill as well!!

  3. Roque thinks the boys BMX skills are amazing. He would like to come and BMX with the whole lucky duck family. love Roque