Friday, April 15, 2011

The West Coast - Tasmania

We did a huge driving mission of a day to get out to the West Coast, woooohooooo, we've really been looking forward to seeing this part of Tasmania. First stop was Strahan, via Queenstown, then on to Granville Harbour.

Granville Harbour is so beautiful. As we drove towards the Coast (for those of you who were at our wedding), its the Aussie version of 'Bull Creek, Otago, NZ'!! It is just stunning here, about twelve people live here full-time and the rest of the population visit on weekends...

... took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up at Bull Creek!

Granville Harbour, West Coast, Tas

Playing on the coast

West Coast sunset

West Coast sunset

hangin on the rocks, West Coast

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  1. This all looks like the best adventure in the world - ever!!!