Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cradle Mountain - Tasmania

We stopped off at Gowrie Park, about 30kms out of Cradle Mountain, by Mt Roland for a couple of nights in the hills.

hello friends xxx

base of Mt Roland, North West Tassie

We arrived at the Cradle Mountain National Park mid-morning on a perfect hiking day, just stunning, visibility was great, it was warm and made for a really great day to do the Dove Lake Circuit (6km) with the boys.

With Frankie in his pack and a backpack full of food and water we caught the shuttle to the start of the Dove Lake Walk and it took us about two and a half hours to go round.

Start of the Dove Lake Circuit

Perfect day at Cradle Mountain

Look closely for the adventurer in the tree

Tree hugging

Lunch break

On the track

Boys on our lunch break

an old hut on the walk

happy boy on lunch break

checkin things out

After the walk, we stopped for icecreams in the afternoon and went to the pub in Sheffield for dinner, huge day, everyone exhausted.

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