Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The wildlife in Tassie...

We saw some Tasmanian devils!!! Woohoo!! In the past month in Tassie the five lucky ducks have seen wombats, emus, kangaroos, koalas, the three tassie snakes (tiger, copperhead and whip), blue tongue lizards, wallaby, pademelon, echidna - running along the road, possums, sugar gliders, seals, fish galore, crayfish, abalone, quolls, fairy peguins...

And of the non-native variety we have seen alpaca (walking down the street on a lead) camel (on a farm), bison (also on a farm), dogs, goats, buffalo, ostrich, geese, cats, ponies, rats, mice, pigs, sheep, bulls, cows, horses, swamp hens, chickens, heaps of birds (including albatross and Wilbur a one-winged wedge tail eagle), skinks, ferets, rabbits, guinea pigs and dolphins - very lucky ducks!

just havin a yawn



feeding the kangaroo

feeding the joey

the emu with attitude!



the kangaroo with the lovely eyelashes
oh sunny days xxx

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