Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cactus Beach, Point Sinclair, SA

Cactus Beach Campground, wow what a spot.  Ron (the owner) is on a little goldmine there, he has owned the land  along the coast since mid 80's and he has done a great job at building a laid-back campground whilst preserving the desert/coastal environment.

Rossco hit the surf and caught some great waves, the boys and I watched from above and loved it (.... OK... I didn't love it... I was preoccupied with nerves due to the well known fact that Great Whites also like to frequent the area!)

boys at cactus

checking out sunset at cactus - v cold

Rossco surfing at Cactus

boys are loving watching Dad catch waves

The Nullabor was calling, so we hit the road out of Cactus.... Bring on WA!!

Road out of Cactus

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