Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Crossing the Nullabor....

The Nullabor (nullus "no" and abor, "tree") was pretty exciting, first to cross the Nullabor means we will be in WA and secondly, just west of the Head of the Great Australian Bite we spotted our first whales of the season.

1400kms in two days... It was massive!!

This part of the country has the longest straightest road in Australia, measuring in at 146.6kms of straight road with not a bend in it.

The Lucky Ducks approaching the start of the Nullabor

Lunch stop on the Nullabor

At the SA / WA border

We stumbled across part of the Nullabor Links Golf Course. This 18-hole golf course spans 1,365kms from Kalgoolie, WA to Ceduna,SA and you play a hole in each participating town along the way. Each town has a tee, a green and a fairway in rugged outback terrain.... this is for the golf lover followers xxx

Nullabor Links Golf Course
 The Eyre Highway also doubles in places as a landing strip (presumably for flying doctors, etc). It was all good and all us five lucky ducks were in the Nullabor-groove.

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