Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Coffin Bay - Eyre Peninsula, SA

We visited Coffin Bay National Park - lovely spot, as you can see from the pics below. Hung out with the Hughes family who we met back nearer to Adelaide.

We did a few bush walks, rolled down the sand dunes, slid down on boogie boards, had camp fires and lovely nights by the fire with our neighbours, Nick and Bec, few wines and some good laughs, especially over a cup of Lap-sap-soo-shong tea!!

Boys at Coffin Bay

Rossco's roast chook - camp oven style

Boys at Coffin Bay - little one asleep

Views of Coffin Bay

Boogie boarding sand dunes

mumma and dadda lucky ducks


rollin in the dunes

rollin in the dunes - part 2

Sunrise at Coffin Bay National Park

Sunrise at Coffin Bay National Park


  1. Wow coffin Bay looks beautiful - the views are amazing and wow Lucas & Leo looks like you had so much fun on the dunes! I bet you guys still have sand coming out from parts of your ears & noses!!

  2. That beard brings tears to my eyes, how about you Tik?

    Will the homeless-guy-who-looks-like-Ross be available around xmas time???

  3. Chucky - Why?? Are u lookin for a Santa for your playgroup christmas party??? Ross is already fully booked for Santa gigs 2011, try www.santafatbastardforhire.com!!!