Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Elliston, (still on the Eyre Peninsula) SA

We stopped at Walker Rocks unexpectedly for a few nights due to some issues with the caravan wheel bearing (a new part was getting shipped in).... The nearest town is Elliston, so we went into the bakery, met some locals and ended up at Playgroup. Elliston has a population of approx. 377 people and in the five days we've been here, we've met half of them, its been such a nice town to break down in!!

investigating the problem
 So we caught up on the washing....

Looks like a month, but really its only a weeks worth
 Hung out on the beach whilst Rosso went for a surf (first time he's surfed with a seal)..

... and a beautiful rainbow!!

And settled into a rhythm for homeschool to mark the start of Winter.....

Learning some new letters and songs today

and toasted a few marshmellows on the fire

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  1. What an intelligent little young man Mr Frankie is going to be - sitting with the big boys doing his school work - well done boys! - hey Ross you were right packing all those tools to take away look how they are now coming into use and you so look the part with your apprentice helping along the way!!