Sunday, June 26, 2011

Esperance to Albany - South WA

After doing a bit of shopping in Esperance (new bike pedals, new tubs with lids, etc) we headed for Albany and stopped in at Masons Bay for a night. We so nearly got bogged, but Bilbo's low ratio gears certainly came in handy that day and dragged us clear of the soft sand...

our tire marks in the soft sand
The boys loved a moonlit ride along the beach.

having a late night ride
We hung out in Albany for a few days and did a bit of sightseeing - Dog Rock, Chasm, Natural Bridge, Blowhole, Salmon Pools, etc...

Dog Rock - Albany

Salmon Pools, Albany

Leo saw the sign (below) and he told us this sign means... "You could get:
  1. Pushed off the cliff by a spear
  2. Swept off the rocks by a wave, or
  3. Tickled by a octopus".
Leo's interpretation of this sign....

25m drop and chasm

loving it


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  1. Ha ha night riding on the beach boys - you are soooo lucky what a lot of fun that night - I am pleased to see you both holding onto that railing tightly what a log long way down..... can I assume you named dog rock 'Tana'? I had to have a good look to see which was the rock as I saw three dogs on the grass!!