Sunday, June 26, 2011

Denmark - WA

We passed through Denmark which was a colourful and pretty cool town.... it is also home to the Golden Hill Steiner School.. Apparently the town was named after an explorer who had the surname of  'Denmark', so the river was called Denmark River and later the town was called Denmark (for Rikke).

We stayed at Parry's Beach campground, which was 20kms west of Denmark. Unfortunately it was pretty shocking wet weather whilst we were there, but we got out and had a look around in between the rain.
Parrys Beach

On the beach

Greens Pool - William Bay National Park

Greens Pool - William Bay NP

Elephant Rocks - William Bay NP
We all got very wet just after this photo was taken (below), trying to run through here when the waves weren't rolling in!
On the Beach past Elephant Rocks - William Bay NP
We also visited the local honey and beeswax candle store and toffee shop, delicious smells and tastes.

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