Monday, June 6, 2011

Fleurieu Peninsula - SA

We headed south of Adelaide for adventures on the Fleurieu  Peninsula. We stayed in the Newlands Conservation Park, played in the sand dunes, built a wooden outrigger canoe (which we later set sail at Moana Beach), took long walks spotting kangaroos.

climbing trees at the campground

finally... a fringe cut/chop by Dadda


boys built the canoe - woodwork project for school

setting the raft free at Moana Beach

We visited the Victor Harbour Whale Centre, the local bmx track/skatie park and the Aldinga Arts Eco Village.

Outside the Whale Centre - Victor Harbour

Buddha settling into his new spot in the caravan

boys lovin the swings

Caravan park owners love rules!!!! This sign is currently in the lead for the silliest sign so far (at Moana Beach Caravan Park)

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