Monday, June 6, 2011

Mt Remarkable National Park - SA

We stopped in at Mambray Campground in the Mt Remarkable National Park (three hours north of Adelaide) for one night and left a week later...We met lots of great families here, so the highlight of the stay for the boys was adventuring around camp with the other 25-odd children there.We also loved the emus strolling through camp, bushwalks and our woodwork and crafty projects...

Rocks for sale.... 10 cents.... Yes they sold some!!!

checkin out the emus

Emus checking out our rock sale

off for a bush walk

... too much for the little man

boys around camp

Learning how to use the hand saw

Hand sawing

on to the sanding now...

getting into the sanding

Now comes the wool...

Voilla !!

Intensely learning to knit

Sunset at camp


  1. Great Photos, long over due mind you!!!

    Looks like it just keeps getting better and better. Brings a smile to my face!!!!

  2. Best photo ever - Mr Frankie still asleep even after hes off ross back - classic. Boys can't wait till i see some more woollen goods produced wow absolut fantastic - and yet again your tools came in handy Ross! Lucas & Leo - if I had come past your 'rock stall' I would have brought some rocks they looked great and I could have put them in my garden. Look forward to blogging again soon. Love to all