Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fremantle - WA

Oh yehhhhhh.... Freo is living up to ones expectations...

We've been loving finding yarn bombs around the place, for the crafty mammas and pappas, check out this book

yarn bomb tree - fremantle, WA

yarn bombed no parking sign

yarn bombed street sign
arond the next corner we found this plaque..

Then we found some wet concrete.... so we just had to leave some handprints in freo
Splashed out for dinner at Monks Brewery - Freo

Boys are getting a ginger beer - they are stoked

We've visited two of the three steiner schools to have a look around and restock on some homeschool supplies. The boys had a great play at the West Coast Steiner school as we arrived right on 3 o'clock so they got to have a play with the other children. Mumma found out about a felt workshop whilst she was there so I went along to that on Saturday morning and made a felted broach - mix of fleece felted onto chiffon and silk - lovely xxx

West Coast Steiner School - Perth

West Coast Steiner School

Perth Waldorf Steiner School - check out the climbing tower here!!
Mum lucky duck has picked up some work with Sysdoc for a couple of weeks in Perth, so we've moved out to the Perth hills and vineyard area. I'm working quite long days and Rossco is doing a great job at being stay-at-home Dad.

We had a visit from Zed on his way to Kalgoolie

Sunset in the Perth vineyards

Rainbow over the caravan park

Mumma lucky duck had her birthday and got spoilt rotten with some colourful clothes and beautiful hand-made treats from the boys. Here is a picture of the chocolate ball cake the boys made..... the cake that doesn't need baking in an oven (Jess this is your recipe!)

Smiley face cake

Can't take his eyes off the cake - and it was delicious


  1. Bring back the homeless Guy!!!

  2. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Mumma Duck, happy birthday to you xxx - looks like you were well looked after and as for that cake boys - wow what an amazing job and it looks delicious - yum yum - well done boys spoiling mum like that.