Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Diamond Tree - 52m vertical climb for the Lucky Ducks

We pulled off the highway to check out the Diamond Tree. Steel pegs were stuck into the sides of huge Karri trees to use as viewing towers, straight up to 52 metres high.

its a long way up there....

Ross came up with a harness belt, rope and bowline knots and we went up in pairs...Everyone did really well, its pretty high up there and there is nothing between the peg you are standing on and the ground, way way down... Here are some pics of the climbers xxx

Team number one...Dadda and Leo...

team one heading up...

team one.... way up high

team one... on way back down
team one, keep concentrating til the end little man

super stoked with himself

Team number two was now itching to do the challenge...

team number two preparing to leave... very stylish jeans tucked into socks mumma

team number two mid climb

Team number three wanted to give it a go... not yet for this little guy!

The boys did so well, took it very seriously and really concentrated on the climb, it wasn't for the faint-hearted.

Whilst on a bit of a high... we jumped back into the truck and headed off to Dinosaur World . There we saw some life-sized dinosaur moulds and also a whole heap of birds and reptiles... and we got to hold a few...
Bearded Dragons having a munch on some cockroaches

Loving the bird

it's a crazy bird

kissing the Bearded Dragon

Look what I'm taking home!!!

Rossco the snake handler

We stopped at Martin's Tank Campground - Lake Clifton for the night and caught up with some friends who we have met along the way on the trip. They had been to Margaret River, so we were enjoying their Margaret River red wine and yummy cheeses...

Catchin up on our travels... over a wine, cheese and dinner

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  1. No way boys - did you really climb all the way to the top?? What a huge tree - it must have taken you ages to get to the top - I am soooo impressed at how brave you were - bet you had an amazing view from the top. Lucky you three boys don't look like cockroaches otherwise those bearded dragons might have tried you guys out has a snack!! Very brave boys, very brave