Sunday, September 11, 2011

Coral Bay - Mid West Coast of WA

Coral Bay is magic.... we were going to just pass through in a night as we are so keen to get to Exmouth, however, as you will see from the pictures to follow, it was so stunningly beautiful, we hung out at the beach for five days, swimming and playing rugby, watching sunsets and chatting with lots of lovely families. Its consistently 28 - 33 degrees, day-in day-out, just beautiful...

Beautiful... Coral Bay... This is the view from the Caravan Park

Playing on the beach for hours and hours and hours
Hanging out in the beautiful clear water at Coral Bay
 It's Science Week in the Shearer's caravan this week (after meeting mad-scentist woman who very passionate about Chemistry last week). So we got ourselves a packet of cornflour, water and some dye and went goo-crazy. The cool thing about the goo made from cornflour is that... if you keep the goo moving quickly, the goo firms up into a ball, however if you don't keep the goo moving quickly, it changes into a liquid consistency and drips through your fingers. Note to parents... the goo gets everywhere and the colouring stains hands and clothes for a few washes.

The Goo Experiment

Feeling the goo slip through your hands

The Goo Colouring Pot
Every afternoon at 3.30pm in the Bay, the local Spangled Emporer get a feed of ground up fish pellets. The cool thing is that anyone can come along and feed the fish these pellets. The boys got right into it, they loved feeding the fish and were yelling with excitement every time a fish swam between their legs.

Fish Feeding

Fish Feeding

The Spangled Emporers know its meal time

We took a family trip to the lookout for a sunset and late night play on the beach. There is fun and adventure around every corner for the five lucky ducks.

Sunset at Coral Bay

Coral Bay sunset

Late game of rugby on the beach

Playing in the water

Mucking about at sunset
Our little man has got a newly-found love of four-wheel drive buggys, guess what he would love for Christmas?
Beach Buggy boy
As good as it was, we had to pack up and leave Coral Bay and head north for Exmouth/Cape Range....

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  1. I didn't think it was possible but I am getting more jealous with every photo. Looks like a very good time!!!