Monday, October 3, 2011

Exmouth - birthday party time!!!

We arrived in Exmouth for a few days to re-stock, re-fuel and re-charge.... We managed to find the best swimming pool in town (the one opposite the information centre), so we played in the pool for three days running. Exmouth is constantly around 30 degrees and we are loving having all these sunny days....

Whilst we were there we had a birthday boy turn 7. Rosso made a two-tone ocean scene jelly birthday cake with a marshmellow coral reef and jelly baby divers, the birthday boy LOVED it!! We invited some lovely people around for a birthday morning in the caravan.

Packages arrived from afar.... thank you xxx

the party in the van

two-tone jelly ocean scene birthday cake - created by Dadda

By mid afternoon, we headed out to the Cape Range National Park (for the start of a two-week stint). The two older boys slept out in a tent (with midnight snacks), giggled themselves to sleep by 8.30pm and loved it so much they slept out in the tent the following night aswell.

setting up tent for a sleep out

Ready to get our sleeping gear in here

cheers around camp for the birthday boy xxxx

p.s. For the crafty-mamma friends out there... I crocheted a rasta-coloured-recorder cover for the birthday boy, which he received with his new recorder... I couldn't resist the tradition of handmade gifts... even on the road xxxx

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