Saturday, September 3, 2011

The curse of breaking down in Geraldton

Numerous people told us to be careful of Geraldton, WA, as you break down there and never leave... here's what happened....

Girl Version....After alot of discussion, we headed south to Geraldton (from Kalbarri) for a new turbo unit, which ended up taking alot longer and cost alot more money than expected!!!! Usual story...

Boy or Rev Head Version....Ross was noticing a loss of power and alot of black smoke from the vehicle, so decided to have a new turbo unit installed and replace the fuel injectors. We also had the air conditioning unit seen to whilst in Geraldton, since we are heading into hotter climates.

We got the car back feeling great about having the motor sorted for the long stretch north, when the clutch failed. Ross nursed the truck into a 4WD workshop and they replaced the slave cylinder. Whilst he was there Ross asked the mechanic to have a look at a leak in our oil cooler. The mechanic recommended bypassing the oil cooler, no worries. The mechanic then took the car for a test drive and seized the motor, he had closed off oil flow to the engine - ooooowwww noooo.

The next day they spent replacing the big end bearings on the car and the following day after that we left Geraldton, heading north (again). We made it not quite 50kms up the road and the motor blew up. We called the NRMA and were towed back to Geraldton and on Monday morning the mechanic sourced a replacement engine and told us to come back in a week. We have now picked up the car and the mechanic picked up the bill!

oh dear.... not good

not such lucky ducks today

good bye Bilbo

Big thanks to James (our rescuer), who picked up me and the small boys off the side of the road, 46 kms north of G-ton, there are good souls in the world xxxx

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