Saturday, September 3, 2011

Geraldton, WA

We have spent quite alot of time in Geraldton... due to the car (see next post!!!). We stayed with Jess, Jonah and Luca's family for a few days, camped out in Roxanne and Adam's backyard. The boys loved hanging out with the girls, Bronte and Thea - thank you for having us xxxx

Whilst in Geraldton we visited the local optometerist (see new glasses below), museum, primary school for awards day and pottery class and the Leaning Tree for some homeschool supplies (a Steiner inspired commnity school).
hanging out in the shade

some new glasses for the lil man

Getting a pottery lesson from Rox

Pottery class with Teacher: Roxanne

Pottery class with Thea's class

At Bronte and Thea's school
We hung out at the Provincial (Roxanne's restuarant/cafe/bar) for two Friday nights. Ross did a days labour, woo hooooo, first one this year! We met lots of lovely locals and friends of Roxanne's, we even managed to catch Nathan Kaye in town playing didgeridoo and slide guitar one night.
with James at the Provincial

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