Saturday, September 3, 2011

Monkey Mia (Denham) WA

Whilst waiting for the car to be re-everythinged... the NRMA provided us with a rental car (lucky we had premium cover eh Nan and Mum!!!), so we headed north for a few days in Monkey Mia.

We spent two days at the Monkey Mia Beach Resort, that was such a treat for us lucky ducks, we hung out on the beach, hired a glass bottom boat, swam in the pool and hot tub.... just what the stress doctor ordered...... and Leo got selected to feed a wild dolphin, which he loved of course.

We really enjoyed the informative DEC talks on dolphins and found out alot of interesting facts about these wild dolphins, how they socialise, their roles (male/female), how much they eat, how they catch fish, how they teach younger dolphins to fish, how they feed their calves, the history of the dolphins visiting the area.... etc, it was great.

Very lucky duck to be selected from the crowd

The bay where the dolphins visit

Having a good look at us

Dolphin eyes, they can not look up so they turn their heads to have a better look sideways

Boys playing on the beach

Flying boy off the jetty

Flying off the jetty

Monkey Mia, WA

This dolphin went off and caught their own feed, then came back to show it off

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  1. Those photos make all the hassles seem worthwhile!! Great that you are back on the road!! we have missed the updates. Absolutely love those photos!!!!