Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stomatolites & Hamelin Pools, Shark Bay

We stopped at Hamelin Pool, Shark Bay to see the Stromatolites (I confess I had to look up the spelling!!). What are Stromatolites? They look like a cross between a cauliflower and a rock, only unlike rock, they are alive. They have a really cool process that takes place within them and as a result they produce oxygen, added to this is they are ancient (2,000 - 3,000 years old) and are also World Heritage listed.

Hanging out at the Stromatolites


Playing trains
At Hamelin Pools campground, there are remains of an old shell quarry. They used to cut shell bricks (formed from years and years of compacted shells). These bricks were used in the area to build houses and the local church, in nearby Denham.

The homestead/camp ground there claims to make the best milkshake in the West... they were delicious!!

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