Friday, October 7, 2011

Barn Hill Cattle Station - 120 kms south of Broome

After hearing about Barn Hill from other travellers, we headed down the 10km dirt track to find a peaceful bush setting, heaps of shade, beautiful beach (the jellyfish had arrived and stick around until May) with a vibrant red rock backdrop, and a gorgeous resident ball-loving dog, Rosey... another beautiful stop on the road.

Gates leading to Barn Hill...

Beach at Barn Hill

Sprinkler on the Bowling Green

My little helpers around camp

Rosey the ball-loving dog
Barn Hill Beach

Beetles in the tree

School in the sand

Form drawing in the sand

Lizard in the tree

We have been very busy in the Shearer camp, preparing and practising for our family spring festival .... more to come soon.

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