Friday, October 14, 2011

Spring Festival - Cape Leveque

Cape Leveque is a remote peninsula (the very tip of the Dampier Peninsula) in the far north of the Kimberleys, around 200kms north of Broome, 100kms of soft sand/red dirt road... We passed through a camp of protesters, who are campaigning against the gas plant at James Price Point.. here are some pics from the road and camp

Red dirt road to Cape Leveque

One of three camps set up by protesters

Signage on the road

We love Broome the way it is.... too

Message to the Prime Minister
At the end of the long red dirt road.... we reached the beautiful Cape Leveque...

Cape Leveque beach

We hired a beach shack at Kooljaman (an award winning aboriginal camp) and had our Shearer family Spring Festival on the beach. We've been practising our songs; 'Spring is coming....', 'Caterpillar on a soft green leaf', etc.... Mumma had made butterfly wings to go on the back of t-shirts... and the result... you can see in the pics....

Our beach shack... we slept in tents

"Spring is coming... Spring is coming"

Two little caterpillars in their coccoons

The butterflies have awoken.... its Spring time...

flying around the beach
Cutie - pie

Stayed for sunset at the Western Beach

Mumma lucky duck enjoying the sunset

... then the moon pops up

We passed through Aboriginal communities at One Arm Point and Beagles Bay, its pretty remote, hot, dry and red with a beautiful coastline...

One Arm Point

Church at Beagles Bay
 We had a go at letting the tyres down to 18psi and did some 4WDing on the beach...

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