Monday, October 3, 2011

Cape Range National Park, WA

The Ningaloo Reef is a well-kept WA secret!! This place is amazing, its an underwater playground family-fun packed adventure, just waiting to happen. One of the nice things about this area, is that it is very much in its natural state, not much there, so its remained unspoiled.

Cape Range National Park is best known for its sea life, snorkelling/diving, all year round, and whale sharks, who visit between March to June/July each year.

Within the national park, we camped at Yardi Creek and Tulki Beach. We saw turtles, whales, dolphins, fish for all, starfish, sea cucumber, coral, reef sharks (yep, we've seen them too), not to mention the large numbers of snakes and lizards that live in the sand dunes. Some of the highlights for Cape Range were:
  • Sandy Bay..... beautiful
  • Oyster Stacks - best snorkelling
  • Turquoise Bay - the name says it all..... really.... so beautiful
  • the turtles...
Sandy Bay

A days beach collecting

Turquoise Bay

Turquoise Bay, Cape Range NP

Swimming at Turquoise Bay

Finding treasures on the beach

Dad gets a mohawk... Frankie thinks its hilarious

New wetsuit.... thank you Jayne xxx

Having a brotherly love moment

Yardie Creek track

Wild flower on Yardie Creek track

Turtles resting on the beach

Finding old hatched turtle shells

Having a run on Turtle Beach

Turtles swimming in the shallow water

We also saw lots of emu, an echidna and along the road we met a friendly horse, who was after a few spare carrots!!

Any carrots????

An echidna crossing our path
 Our campsites had happy hour each afternoon at 5.30pm, organised by the campground hosts, and that was such a lovely way of meeting everyone and sharing a few laughs and tales of our adventures in the area.

Mumma Lucky Duck left the boys for a few days of work and the boys had some extra time exploring the area and hanging out with Dad. Here's what they got up to....

Beeswax modelling

Improvised didgeridoos

Anything is possible with a cardboard box!!

Happy boy

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