Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fitzroy Crossing - Halls Creek, The Kimberleys

We left Broome, heading 400kms east for Fitzroy Crossing. We have hit crocodile country, warning signs on bridges to say no swimming, very exciting for these lucky ducks! The locals swim in the river, apparently only fresh water crocodiles here, so no real danger.

Boys doing some gardening around campsite at Fitzroy Crossing

We joined the DEC boat trip up Geike Gorge. The gorge is beautiful and we also saw a couple of crocodiles, water monitors (i.e. goannas) and lots of birds. Apparently when it's really hot the crocodiles stay in the water a lot more as they do not need to sun themselves on the rocks so much.
Geike Gorge

DEC Geike Gorge River Cruise

Reflect on the water - Geike Gorge

Bird nests that hang underneath the rock of the gorge
We also got a taste of what sort of temperatures we are going to get for the next few weeks.... Pheeewwww it's hot, like 42 degrees hot, stifling,  inside an oven kind of hot, with no coastal afternoon change, no breeze and no air conditioning...  We are surviving on cold showers and swimming pools!

For those of you who have never been to the Kimberelys, here are the beautiful Boab trees - a Kimberley icon....

When passing through Halls Creek (a further 260kms inland), we went out to the ruins of the Old Halls Creek, a gold mining town which was relocated in the 50's to where it is today. We went to see China Wall, which is a limestone ridge on the hills, making what looks a little like a very mini Great Wall of China.

This statue is of a man who pushed an injured friend 300kms for medical help... the boys are lending a helping hand

Ruins at Old Halls Creek

Hall Creek's China Wall

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