Friday, October 14, 2011

Broome, WA

Broome has been soooooo lovely, and sooooo relaxing....

Broome is historically a pearling port. It's people are a mix of Aboriginal (the Yawuru people), Japanese, Chinese, and Western cultures infused into the one town....Geographically, its where the desert meets the sea, so its where the red rocks, white sand and blue water come together.

Our stay in Broome coincided with the Staircase to the Moon dates (the last of the year) where the full moon rises over the mud flats and causes what looks like a staircase to the moon. We also checked out the Broome markets, a bit of live music, Cable Beach, the camels, dinosaur footprints (believed to be approx. 120 million years old), a Light the Night Leukemia fund raiser evening on the beach and a bit of rugby....

at Staircase to the moon, Broome

Boys listening to some live music

Broome markets

Cable Beach

Horace the lead camel

Five lucky ducks on camels

Light the Night - Leukemia fund raiser

Dinosaur footprints, believed to be approx. 120 million years old
The locals in Broome are lovely, its out of the peak season so not too busy, the temperature is around 30 degrees each day, no rain yet, there are lots of families around as its WA's school holidays... so it's been a great stop for all us lucky ducks!

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