Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Five Lucky Ducks Mid-Winter Festival in Shannon NP

We headed inland a bit to Shannon National Park, home to some huge Karri trees. The campground had a water boiler, so we stoked the boiler and all had hot showers - was so lovely and hot.

Preparing the fire for our hot showers - yehhhhh
  We decided to get a fire going for the mid winter festival, so the boys collected the wood

Everyone helping out around camp

hanging out around camp

Getting the fire going

Rossco cooked home-made pizzas in the camp oven...

Chorizo, mushroom and three cheese pizza
We had such a lovely mid winter festival, we had made paper lanterns and walked through the forest singing up a storm. As a special treat Ross lit a firework, only the firework was a bit better - longer and much louder than both of us had expected, lucky there was no one else around for miles - v exciting for the boys!!

getting excited about the Mid-Winter Festival - 2011

fires burning, fires burning, come nearer, come nearer, lets sing, lets sing, altogether, altogether ...

loving his lantern

getting the lanterns swinging...

mucking around

singing up a storn through the forest
check out this super-grubby boy, he's getting so cheeky xxx

Here are some of Rossco's shots from the National Park
mini toadstools

crazy fallen tree

eye in a tree

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  1. wow - amazing photos Ross - its amazing what you can 'see'when you use your imagination - they are really good - boys boys boys your lanterns are fantastic - looks like you had a fantastic night - wish I had been there with you and as for that pizza - yum yum yum........